Phazon True Wireless Earbuds with Charger

$ 199.00 (USD)
Your Phazon earbuds will ship in 10 to 12 weeks.
  • Neverfall Technology

    Guaranteed to never fall out whatever the activity. Because music should motivate you, not fall on the ground!

  • Universal fit

    Guaranteed universal fit. No adjustable wing, tip or cone. No need to scan your ear with an app either. Enjoy them right out of the box.

  • Bluetooth 4.0+

    Compatible with any device using Bluetooth 4.0 and up (produced after 2010). Signal range of 100 feet (30 meters).

  • Waterproof/Shockproof

    Go underwater* with your earbuds. Phazon earbuds are rated IP68. We made them waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. No excuses.

  • Dual mic sync

    With 2 microphones working in unison, you can answer calls and talk for hours while doing any activity.

  • Long battery life

    Use your earbuds for 6 hours with one charge in mono mode or 3 hours in stereo mode. And get an additional 9 hours of playtime with your charger.

  • Audio transparency

    Hear what you want around you while pumping up the volume. Listen to your tracks and to someone talking to you at the same time.

  • Tap control

    Tap the earbud to change track, pause the music or answer a call. No need to fumble with your phone while moving!

  • Find location App

    Find your earbuds with the Phazon app for iOS and Android. Leave them anywhere and relax, our app will show where your earbuds are or where they were last seen.

Ready for action

Ready for action

Your Phazon earbuds are always ready for any type of action you feel like throwing at them. At the gym, on the track, on the mountain or in the pool, they'll become your ears' best friends.


When will I get my earbuds?

Shipping is planned for Summer-Fall 2017. As of June, we are improving connectivity and we should get production-ready in a couple of weeks. Phazon earbuds are a crowdfunded project.

Like most crowdfunded projects, we've encountered hurdles we're happily solving. The whole prototyping process for a new type of product can take more time than expected at first.

Do you have production updates?

We do have a blog with all our updates from the start of the project. We usually publish 2 updates per month. This is the best way to see what we're up to and what we're working on.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to most countries using UPS. If you think UPS won't deliver your earbuds in your country, email us at so we can verify this with them.

What's unique about Phazon earbuds?

Phazon earbuds are made by active people for active people. Our Neverfall Technology offers a perfect fit without any add-on. If that wasn't enough, we've made them waterproof, dustproof and shockproof so you can wear them whatever you feel like doing.

In addition to our patent-pending material design, we've rethought the whole design of the electronic components to improve the connectivity and make the most gorgeous earbuds on the market.

How is the sound quality?

Sound quality is a top priority for us. That's why we partnered with a world renowned sound specialist who owns ear related patents and is the editor in chief of the Canadian Acoustic Association. We're also using the same speakers as high-end audio companies. Although our earbuds are made for active people, there's no compromise on the quality of the sound.

*Are the earbuds waterproof?

Yes! You can go underwater with your earbuds up to a maximum of 10 feet (3 meters) of water depth. Swimming, wakesurfing, playing in the pool, taking a shower or running in the rain is highly recommended!

However, the Bluetooth connectivity will drop if you go below 2 inches (5 cm) of water depth.

Are the earbuds comfortable?

The first thing we did when we created Phazon was testing our 3D models on more than 500 men and women to find the perfect balance of comfort and sound quality while having a perfect fit. These buds feel as good as they fit.

What is the Bluetooth range?

Bluetooth range is limited by the nature of the technology. You can go as far as 100 feet (30 meters) without any drop in sound quality in ideal conditions (i.e. no wall or interference).

My ears are somewhat different. Will Phazon earbuds fit without falling off?

The human body is a marvel. We've tested our earbuds on hundreds of men and women. We're confident that they won't fall, we even guarantee it. That being said, some ear shapes and sizes are truly different and are not as well suited to hold the earbuds in place. It is rare but not impossible. If your Phazon earbuds do not stay in place, contact us at so we can troubleshoot this with you.

When will the app be ready?

The Phazon App will launch during Summer 2017 and will be available for iOS and Android. The App will include a location tracker for the earbuds, a battery level indicator and an equalizer.

Can I use the earbuds to make a call?

With our Dual mic technology, you can answer a call and chat on the phone through your earbuds while experiencing superior clarity.